EU Postal Codes added

As of June, 2013, we've added Postal Code (ZIP code) database information for six EU European Countries;

  • Germany
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • The Netherlands

More countries can be implemented, please contact us if you require this enhancement.

These new databases have been placed in production and result in increased address location functionality.
Improved EU postal database identification means that now, alongside United States and Canada, postal and ZIP code information is displayed for every visit/ visitor from any of the named countries.... Read full blog post

Too much CRAP - Big Data is here to stay

All the data.
All the time.

That pretty much sums up The Age of Big Data in which we now find ourselves. Organizations that learn how to make use of the data will prosper.
There are datastreams being generated by all the ways we are connected to the internet.

This data is being collected and stored, although there is too much of it to organize, so it's CRAP (create, replicate, append, process) as Charles Fan calls it; "generated by machines, coming in large quantities at high velocity."

The solution? Easy. Make the data accessible in a way that gives it structure. That's where we come in.

So the great challenge is to use this data. If the data is not used then, there is little point in storing it, especially at cost.

Q: What should (big) data be used for?
A: For making decisions.

... Read full blog post

CAO: Chief Analytics Officer

There is a new CXO in town  ... called the Chief Analytics Officer!

Authored by Tomas Higbey

This is just to get you thinking about what’s coming in the next couple of years so that when the CAO shows up in town, you'll recognize that person and be able to take him or her on.

Just as Big Data is inevitable, so may be the creation of the Chief Analytics Officer or CAO. Companies that are neck-deep in Big Data wrestle with the challenges of multiple data-bases, overwhelming data storage issues and exponential data flows.  In the enterprise sector current trends tell us that individual departments within organizations are creating their own Big Data solutions and analysis.... Read full blog post

AWS Power Outage - how to stay up when an EC2 datacenter goes down

Opentracker distributed databases not affected by AWS power outages


Server issues impact our ability to provide services. Our work to safeguard against catastrophic events has led us to build the distributed data-driven architecture described below. The result is the failsafe qualities which are needed to drive best-of-breed solutions.

Over the past months, there have been several outages at AWS (Amazonʼs web services) the largest cloud service in the world. (

Amazon has been actively preaching the "design for failure" model. Under the "design for failure" model, things should always work even in the event of a massive, datacenter-wide outage. (... Read full blog post

Top Sites feature in Safari loads website repeatedly

Top Sites feature in Safari generates pageview(s) by repeatedly loading indexed sites

We've noticed that the Top Sites feature in Safari sometimes generates a pageview when Top Sites are displayed. We confirmed this by noticing that we were "generating" visits and pageviews (clicks) to a site that we were not visiting.


The explanation for the reason that our profile kept showing up in the stats is that the site was being disaplyed repeatedly in Top Sites.
This is potentially problematic because it might give the false impression that a person was visiting on a regular basis.


We assume that this happens when Safari generates the Webpage Preview Images.


Definition of Top Sites from Apple website:
Top Sites: Safari automatically identifies your favorite sites and displays them as a wall of graphic... Read full blog post

Lead Generation Reporting

Qualified Lead Identification.

Mail me a list of all companies who visited my website every week.

Do you have a Sales Team or a person who follows leads? Now you can give them a list of Companies and Visitors who came to your website looking for something.

  • Opentracker is uniquely positioned to provide qualified lead generation reports by using the actual traffic data from any website.
  • Our Lead Generation service generates custom reports, a weekly list, as a .CSV or Excel, delivered to you via an email address of your choice.
  • The report contains a list of all known companies who have visited your website - by visitor and pages visited.
  • The leads are qualified because the leads identified have expressed an interest in a product or service by visiting a website. Using clickstream reporting it is possible to see... Read full blog post

Getting your app accepted in the apple app store

Q: How do I get my app approved for the Apple App store.
A: Easy, just follow the guidelines.

Ok, so obviously it’s harder than it sounds. There are more than one hundred official reasons why your app may be rejected. On the other hand, it’s very similar to Google’s PageRank guidelines, which have been very transparent in the past: just follow the rules and everything will turn out fine.

  1. Follow the guidelines
  2. Submit your app for review

Getting your app approved can be tricky. Opentracker can assist you in this process. We can show you:

  1. what device Apple used to check your app, for example, an iphone or an ipad
  2. what OS version Apple used to test your app
  3. how many and which specific events (swipe, button pressed, etc.) Apple generated to test your app

This information can help you... Read full blog post

Beautiful PDFs - 4 of them. An overview of solutions & technology on offer

We have built and published 4 double-sided PDFs that summarize our most recent contributions to the field of website and mobile app tracking. 

The four lavishly illustrated PDFs are entitled:

1. Total Engagement: Identify unique user activity from web to app and back again.

A Brave New Solution for a Brave New World. Millions of smartphone and tablet users are joining the mobile web on a daily basis, radically evolving internet behavior.

2. Analyze Behavior: Realtime app usage & event stream analytics

Get results. In order to make the best apps, you need the best data about your app users. Follow app users, event by event - even when offline.

3. Locate & Identify: Follow your mobile users with Geo-Location

Know... Read full blog post

The Problem We Solve - 1 million apps and growing

So why build and program more software anyway?

There is a tremendous amount of programming going on in the world. As we saw at The Next Web conference  last week - there is no shortage of inspiration and new ideas. App production is growing exponentially. The challenge is to ensure that the technology we are building actually gets used.

In our case we built mobile app analytics because we identified a problem which we believe we are uniquely positioned to solve.
There are now more than a million apps available, taking andriod and ios into account, with thousands being added on a daily basis.

Q: What is the problem?
A: The problem is that there is a large disconnect between most app-makers and app users. App builders build an app and throw it into the world to sink or swim. A great many apps are downloaded and... Read full blog post

Unlocking the value of data

 Infinitely scalable read/write real-time data management

A recent article post on the BBC could have been written about Opentracker and the technology we have spent the past year developing. The piece, entitled 'Data wars: Unlocking the data gold mine' was written by Mike Lynch and ran on 12 April, 2012.

The premise of the article is that businesses and organizations wishing to stay ahead of the curve can do so by learning how to use technology in order to give meaning to the data they collect. Traditionally, data has been stored in databases and only later, if ever, consulted. With technology, it is now possible to consult data in real-time and make decisions based on what we learn.

"The availability of vast quantities of data on current or potential customers on e-commerce... Read full blog post


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