Suche alle Besucherdaten

Search all visitor data

A ‘google search’ through all your website traffic data

The beauty of simplicity: Search through all your website traffic and visitor data in real-time.

Q: what is it:
A universal search bar that gives you access all areas – search at it’s most intelligent and efficient.

Find anything or anybody.

Q: how does it work?
Enter any search term that interests you and get immediate results based on all your site content and complete visitor history.

Enter any word, strategic term, page title, url, product, search term, ip address, user-name, company, email, OS, device, etc. If you can think of it, you can search for it. For example, do you need to be able to see the complete history of any user, visitor, or registered member of your site?

Screen shot of searching your website visitors

Example searches

Enter an IP address to find specific users (or ranges using wildcards 192.168*)
Enter a city or region name, to search for visits from the a that city or region.
Enter a (partial) URL to find visits that have looked at that page or pages.
Other searches examples: referrers, exit link, browser, search term, etc.,

wildcard (*) search will match anything.

Improvement is the best kind of change

You may ask yourself why you have never used or seen this feature supported by any other web analytics companies before? The answer is that it was a very complicated nut to crack.

Q: What does that actually mean?

A: that means you can enter any search term that interests you and get results based on all your site content and your complete visitor history within seconds.


An example of universal search, demonstrating how to search through website visitors.
An example of universal search; locate everyone who landed on the pay page.

In the screenshot above, we have used “pay*” to locate recent conversions for a PDFmyURL website-to-PDF service.

In practice, this means that you can enter any search term you can think of and get results.
Examples: any word, page title, url, term, conversion, user, company, ip address, or strategic point of interest.

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