Visitor labeling or user tagging icon

Visitor labeling & tags

Enrich Visitor Profiles with customer details.

Enter details directly into Visitor Profiles, for example: name, company, email or contact info.

Identify users and tag them so you can follow or look them up through time.

Invaluable for email campaigns or tracking hot prospects or leads.

Try out 1-click user tagging, tag yourself in the visitor profile on the right ->

Or watch this demonstration video, showing it in action

There are 2 ways to insert user tagging info into Opentracker:

  1. Automated: Send the info to us with an javascript api call: a signal with the details you want to appear in the Visitor Profile. This is the preferred method if you have people logging in, making a purchase, or using a form, because it is secure.

  2. Manual: Use the Opentracker interface to add properties to your users.
    User tagging allows you to actually add & edit the data in the Visitor Profiles for each and every visitor with a simple mouse click.

    This feature turns Opentracker into a very powerful CRM system - you can combine contact information with actual website browsing history.

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