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Find yourself in the online visitors table below.

realtime visitor online = user is online realtime visitor pending = user is inactive realtime visitor offline = user has left

Hover your mouse over visitor icons to see each visitor’s profile.

User data collected

  • Website and App users
  • Sessions & Duration
  • Engagement & Conversion
  • Referrer, Exit, searchterms
  • Click, Touch, Swipe & Pinch
  • Email, First Name, Last Name
  • App /Browser name & Version
  • Platform & Devices
  • Country, Region, City
  • GPS Longitude & Latitude
  • Timezone & Language
  • ISP, Provider or Carrier
  • Company & Organization
  • Area, Postal or ZIP code
  • IP address & Connection type
  • Display size & Orientation
  • Augmented demographics
  • Your own custom metric


Suche alle Besucherdaten

Search all visitor data

A 'google search' through all your website traffic data

Visitor labeling & tags

Visitor labeling & tags

Identify & tag visitors. Invaluable for email campaigns or tracking leads.

CRM & Integration API

Request info, get data back, and process it as you like.

Track events & properties

Track events & properties

From a button clicked to a video played, anything you want to track.

Company Identification

Company Identification

Identify visitors by company, university or governmental body.

Einzigartige Besucher verfolgen

Track Unique Visitors

See who your visitors are & how they use your site.

Real-time Reporting allows you to monitor your visitor's activity

Real-time Reporting

Real-time minute-to-minute tracking, reporting and analysis.

IP tracker

IP address tracking

Track & trace your website visitors IP address and identify them

ROI & Conversion

ROI & Conversion

All incoming traffic sources, online advertising and PPC in one place.

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