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Customer is NOT King

If you’re not thinking about your customer’s journey you risk a sub-optimal customer experience. This translates into risking your bottom line.

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Improving Customer Experience

You’re in the business of satisfying your customer with a great experience. But how do you know if you’re delivering?

Businesses are spending more on promotions than ever before, but most struggle to know what actions to take and where to focus their efforts.

When customers don’t buy, do you know why?

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Why do some video advertisements perform better than others?

Smart Businesses & Marketers use customer profile templates. They know customer profiling helps them target their ideal customers accurately. A customer profile template is a document that helps you detail critical information about your target customers.

Frankly, you can’t keep all the helpful info about target customers in your head.

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Challenges All E-commerce Sites Face and How to Solve Them

Challenges All E-commerce Sites Face and How to Solve Them Despite fierce competition, e-commerce sites tend to encounter a common set of challenges, especially when not properly planned and executed. Some site owners are so overwhelmed by these issues that they decide to suspend operations altogether. These challenges however, are not unique to young e-commerce sites. Even the most established sites, including Amazon and eBay, still face these concerns on a daily basis. The difference between established sites and those that have left the game lies in the way these issues are addressed. In this overview, we’ll a) take a

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How to Run a FaceBook Ad

How to run a facebook ad CONTENTS Vocabulary What are FaceBook Ads? Why should I use FaceBook ads? (Statistics and Pricing) I’m convinced. Tell me more (Types and Formats of FaceBook Ads) How to ACTUALLY set up my FaceBook ad (And Beyond)   Vocabulary Ad – the final image or other media form that the potential client will see Ad set – the level where you decide your target and budget Ad campaign – your ad objective (you can run more than one campaign at once and have more than one ad set for one campaign) Ad account – the

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