The Rockstart Accelerator

In Amsterdam is one of several world-class technology accelerators in The Netherlands. We entered ourselves into the competition earlier a few months ago, and came in the top percentile out of more than 500 companies, securing a place in the 100-day program.

LeadBoxer is a spin off from the Rockstart program, which utilizes the Lean framework methodology.
LeadBoxer is utilizing big data technology in order to make anonymous website traffic less anonymous, and function as an essential pre-sales tool. Currently being designed, tested & validated for the B2B market, the product works to create value from under-utilised traffic engagement.

If you are interested in being an early adopter for LeadBoxer, click here & sign-up for advance notification.

We jumped at the opportunity to participate because we’re eager to learn from the vast experience of the mentor community. As an additional bonus we are very energized by the cohort of our fellow start-ups from around the world (Portugal, Italy, Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, UK). We will list those startups in a blog post to follow.

The program is divided into three parts;

  1. orientation and exposure to methodologies, mentors, and validation interviews
  2. construction and deployment (launch) of MVP – minimum viable product
  3. scripting and rehearsal, build up to pitch to entrepreneurial and investor community

We’ve finished the first part and are now entering Phase 2.

So far, we can report that the opportunity to participate in the program has been extremely rewarding. We’ve been exposed to numerous entrepreneurial, technical, business, and sales gurus.

The fifteen hour days can be tiring 😉 but they remind us of launching Opentracker, back in 2003, and how rewarding that felt.

Stay tuned for more.

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