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Specific to our expertise and specialty at Opentracker, we excel at massaging meaningful patterns from measuring user engagement. By measuring website and app traffic, we can learn about user behavior and user patterns. We can use this information, in turn, to improve service and product offerings. We can answer questions. “Why is this number here X, how can we increase this number?” What metrics can we define and measure in order to increase conversions? There are many many variables which can be measured, in terms of user analytics.


A common use of Opentracker, in terms of “data science” is Big Data - for example, massaging meaning out of visitor logs. Finding needles in haystacks. Take a high volume site. “I want to see who is responding to our advertising. Show me the leads who come in through specific campaign channels. What do those visitors do. I want to see a list of people who are interested in my specific products. Metrics range from granular audience segmentation through to geo-location, EMEA, Industry, and behavior (clickstreams, downloads, registrations, log-ins, sign-ups, in fact all the touchpoints you can think of). The goal is to discern patterns. The goal is to ask questions, form hypotheses, test answers, tweak, make changes, benchmark, measure, form conclusions, discuss. And if possible, reproduce. Reproduce success, and avoid repeating mistakes.

and Analytics

Why is all of this important anyway? The answer is that Business, with a capital B, is about making decisions, in other words, “management”. And while there may be a few people out there who can steer on “feelings”, humans have excelled through their use of science. Science has, literally, taken us to the moon..
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We love Opentracker, it's simple and easy to use. We have been working with Opentracker for several years now and will continue to do so.
Bryan Costner
Digital Marketing, iBusMedia
With Opentracker, we are getting enriched customer profiles from online behavior, we filter out interesting accounts, which is just what we are looking for.
Image of Britanny
Britanny K
Lead Developer,
Where is the data - with multiple sources, its chaos. With Opentracker we have simplified the process of collecting and downloading the relevant data.
Image of Jady
Jady Korzan
Business Dev,

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Aimed at growing online businesses
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  • Unlimited sites
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349 / Per month
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  • 1M events
  • 1+ sites
  • Unlimited api
  • 10k excel rows
  • GDPR-quick-scan
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  • Cross domains
  • Custom metrics

Small business

49 / Per month
  • Free trial
  • 1 login
  • Email support
  • 100k events
  • 1 site
  • Limited api
  • 1k excel rows
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Manual reports
  • No contract
  • Single domain
  • Self serviced