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Case Study : Trend Micro

Kevin Humphrey: “Trend Micro is one of the largest pioneers in the cyber security and defense space. I’m responsible for digital metrics in Europe. We work with partners and resellers using a ‘channel business’ model, so we correlate customer value with activity on landing pages. When we started looking at Opentracker, we were concerned as to whether they would adapt to our environment with a reliable pricing model that can easily be budgeted for. We wanted results that adapt to our own infrastructure in an automated way.”

“I needed to bring our marketing efforts to the next level, but I was worried that the process would be complex, hard to budget, and involve manual reporting.”

Research questions:

We want to know how much revenue we can associate to the web activities we run? How many companies have converted. Can we link revenue to a company? We want to use Opentracker to measure and leverage marketing contributions. Can we match website traffic to our customer platform and how many of those customers are we converting?

We have a pool of data sources, essentially with five different data sources:

  1. Navision (Microsoft Dynamics Nav) our customer database
  2. Salesforce our pipe-in point
  3. Marketo for our marketing data
  4. Google Analytics our web database, and
  5. Adwords for traffic purchases

How do we fit a solution into this complex database matrix with a pricing model that is sustainable for our company? When we did the research it was hard to find solutions that scale well – none of the business models satisfied our budget. We also needed to roll out things in a reliable and straightforward way. The challenges involved worried me.

We also had to deal with manual reporting – it’s very time-consuming and prone to human-errors. We have multiple data sources so manual reporting can be a very tedious process – something we had to avoid.

We found that implementing Opentracker empowered us to think big because their pricing model did not penalize us for having an extensive network of websites and domains. Their team’s skills helped integrate a solution into our infrastructure.

Before using Opentracker we had a rudimentary understanding of how to correlate revenue with our marketing activities – we now use Opentracker to understand and leverage the contribution of our efforts that convert named companies. We link the revenue to the company and the activity, and this is valuable!

Start your free, no-risk, 4 week trial!