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The Problem We Solve – 1 million apps and growing

So why build and program more software anyway?

There is a tremendous amount of programming going on in the world. As we saw at The Next Web conference  last week – there is no shortage of inspiration and new ideas. App production is growing exponentially. The challenge is to ensure that the technology we are building actually gets used.

In our case we built mobile app analytics because we identified a problem which we believe we are uniquely positioned to solve.
There are now more than a million apps available, taking andriod and ios into account, with thousands being added on a daily basis.

Q: What is the problem?
A: The problem is that there is a large disconnect between most app-makers and app users. App builders build an app and throw it into the world to sink or swim. A great many apps are downloaded and launched just one time.

We think that the likelihood of success for apps greatly increases when app makers take user behavior into account. So we have taken the first step towards solving that problem by building a real-time reporting interface which shows all user events taking place in an application as they happen. Obviously the reports can then be slice & diced and cut up to suit your needs, but the main point has been stated; usability feedback is crucial to success, and this blog post is officially over.

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