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Beautiful PDFs – 4 of them. An overview of solutions & technology on offer

We have built and published 4 double-sided PDFs that summarize our most recent contributions to the field of website and mobile app tracking.

The four lavishly illustrated PDFs are entitled:

1. Total Engagement: Identify unique user activity from web to app and back again.

A Brave New Solution for a Brave New World. Millions of smartphone and tablet users are joining the mobile web on a daily basis, radically evolving internet behavior.

2. Analyze Behavior: Realtime app usage & event stream analytics

Get results. In order to make the best apps, you need the best data about your app users. Follow app users, event by event – even when offline.

3. Locate & Identify: Follow your mobile users with Geo-Location

Know exactly where your users come from. Access highly detailed demographics at user level. Idenitfy leads- city, state, country – with pinpoint accuracy.

4. Read & Write: Api magic: App & Site user-data reporting

The Opentracker web API can be used to create reports exactly as oyu need and envision; send custom data to our servers, and query the data in realtime.

Here is the link:

NOTE: These 4 PDFs are not to be confused with the more that Twenty Million PDFs that we have converted through our site.

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