Lead Generation Reporting

Qualified Lead Identification.

Mail me a list of all companies who visited my website every week.

Do you have a Sales Team or a person who follows leads? Now you can give them a list of Companies and Visitors who came to your website looking for something.

  • Opentracker is uniquely positioned to provide qualified lead generation reports by using the actual traffic data from any website.
  • Our Lead Generation service generates custom reports, a weekly list, as a .CSV or Excel, delivered to you via an email address of your choice.
  • The report contains a list of all known companies who have visited your website – by visitor and pages visited.
  • The leads are qualified because the leads identified have expressed an interest in a product or service by visiting a website. Using clickstream reporting it is possible to see what pages the lead is interested in.
  • Information is organized by geo-location. This means you can see the location of the company, for example a large company has offices in different cities, states, and countries. Use location to identify where to call or email.

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Lead Generation Report – customized for your business website.

There are various customizations that we will engineer for you, for example the pages viewed by your leads, their country, etc,

Specifically, these additional parameters can be configured for you by Opentracker engineers:

  • exclude specific companies, for example your own, or competitors
  • exclude specific url’s or paths, for example job applicants
  • specify countries from which you want to see leads
  • set maximum total event count, exclude recurring visitors by page count
  • specify which columns will be displayed in the downloads

List of example variables – metrics which can be included in your Lead Generation report:

As you can see from the list below, if you can think of it, we can measure it and organize it for you.

lastEvent   filtered_company    duration    status    flag    country    visits_pageviews    currentPage    area    area_code    browser    browser_version    city    company_org    connection    country_code    country_name    currentTitle    currentVisitDuration    dma_code    duration_seconds    entryPage    entry_query    entry_root_url    entry_title   event_id    exit_title    firstMeasurement    first_session_unix_timestamp    ip_number    isp    isp_org    latitude    longitude    machine_id  number_of_pages_viewed    number_visits    pages_viewed    platform    postal_code    provider    referrer    referrersLogo    region    region_code    resolution    search  session_id    session_referrer  session_search    session_start_unix_timestamp    site    timezone    total_duration    total_number_visits    total_pages_viewed    type    use_id    user_status    visit_id    zipCode

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