Complexity and Real-time search

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There is complexity everywhere.

Crossing the street in the city is an example of complexity.

In the case of Opentracker we are specialised in reducing complexity into useful information.

What have we learned about Big Data? We’ve learned that the point is not the amount of data, but the way in which you ask the data questions.

In the case of traffic measurement and visitor engagement – there are a few essential pieces of information. The rest is noise if you are trying to answer a specific question about your engagement.

The trick is to eliminate all but the most essential one or two questions. Determine the single most valuable piece of information and enrich it.

That’s why we are experts in real-time search.
For example, show me all people on my website who are interested in “complexity”. If you’d written an article on “complexity” or have a page title or product with that word (or any word) in it, we can show you that very valuable information.

Show me all the companies who visited my website in the past 24 hours looking for information about “lead generation”. Tell me if anybody at that company shared a link on my website with anybody else at that company.

Right place. Right time. Right question.

Identify and track your visitors

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