1-click User-Tagging

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Tag and add notes to Visitor Profiles

We are very pleased to finally release User-Tagging, which is now available. User tagging allows you to actually edit the Visitor Profiles for each and every visitor with a simple mouse click. User-tagging demo video from Opentracker on Vimeo. This new feature turns Opentracker into a very powerful CRM system – you can combine contact information with actual website browsing history. Example: send out an email and combine response to your newsletter with insight into what each recipient (email address) actually looked at on your website. user tagging username in Opentracker clickstream Here are the fields that you can add/ edit:
  • Email address
  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Description
  • Gender
  • User name
  • Phone number
  • Mobile nr.
  • Fax nr.
  • Source
  • Currency
  • Website
  • Conversion
  • Rating
  • Email opt-out
  • Age
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