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Opentracker web analytics dashboard navigation : customer engagement

Enterprise Dashboard

We are very pleased to release a Dashboard, currently available for Enterprise clients.
For ten years we have been perfecting the art of displaying a lot of actionable information in a small intuitive space.

With the release of our dashboard, which reports on visitor/ user/ customer/ client engagement and metrics, we are able to show you everything important about your visitor behavior at-a-glance.

The dashboard consists of seven elements, a Trend Summary table and 6 traffic metric tables.

Opentracker web analytics dashboard navigation : customer engagement

Example customer engagement metrics to display:

  • single event sessions
  • page views per session
  • average time on site
  • number of sessions
  • number of page views
  • number of returning users

Segmentation –
The future of custom visitor reporting has arrived.

All the data on the dashboard can be segmented by browser, country and platform by default and also be downloaded as raw data.
Opentracker dashboard segmentation : customer engagement

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