Guide to getting started

Hi and welcome to Opentracker!

This is our quick 1 minute guide to getting started with is an advanced – easy to use – surgical analytics tool for businesses that value their data.

We focus on collecting data, providing consultancy and generating insights so that businesses can make informed decisions.

To get start using our services simply surf to, choose the getting started menu option and provide us with all your business details.

After submitting the signup form, you’ll be sent an email detailing you instructions on how to install the script that collects your data.

Experts will be shown the script on screen. You can copy paste this script into your site’s CMS. Contact us if you can’t find details on your CMS’s site on how to install a javascript.

Following the instructions to installing the script is your first step in collecting valuable data. If you have any questions, simply navigate to our support section of the site, open a support ticket, and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy Analytics!