Search term analysis


Which search terms perform best?

Search terms or search keywords vary greatly, they bring visitors with different wants and needs. When you promote your site you need to choose search terms or search keywords and categories.

Don’t guess;
Calculate the value of terms or search keywords using stats and reporting.

  1. All search keywords ranked in order of popularity
  2. Classified and reported per-search-engine
  3. Visitors-per-search term/keyword

We maintain a list of more than 300 recognized search engines which is continually updated. For every search originating from a search engine, we present you with ‘the page before’. This means that you are able to see the actual results which led a visitor to your site. All search terms or search keywords used are compiled into a list of top search terms. See a list of the most recent visitors to your site, by search term, and explore their clickstreams.

If You have these questions;

Which search terms do I need to use to publicize my website?
Should I pay for search terms or search keywords? Which terms should I pay for?
How do I figure out what are the most direct words that will lead traffic to my site, and also lead people to what they are looking for?
Then Opentracker has the answers.

We provide the information needed to make search term and keyword-related decisions.

Top Search Terms.

This will show you all the search terms/words that visitors have typed in and used to find your site. You can even see the page, for example in Google, that a visitor pulled up before clicking through to your site.

Visitors by search terms or keywords

Our focus, however, is on Visitors. We provide tools to help you understand what people have in mind when they are surfing. Therefore, using Opentracker, you can examine individual visitor clickstreams, based on the search terms that the visitor used to find your site.

This function lets you see exactly how a person who typed in a specific search term navigated through your site. In terms of conversion rates, you can see how visitors, or customers, who entered with a specific search term or search keyword behaved. Did they make a purchase? Did they subscribe? If you are selling products or services on your site, this type of information will tell you exactly who your market is. More specific examples involve determining why traffic is or isn’t following a certain path or click-stream through your site.

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