The Art of Data-Driven Decision-Making
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Image depicting all the advanced features of Opentracker's event based tracking.


Get a highly focused dashboards with easy-to-understand visuals – designed for IP tracking & identification.


Use Google tag manager, WordPress plugin or JS to set things up and start generating reports. Get Smart – Get Started. 5 mins set-up.


Reports creation should be fun; schedule reports that are important for your business. World-class support has your back.


Opentracker is a business intelligence & analytics tool which tracks all digital events and engagement important to your business – including clicks, logins, downloads & forms.

We’ve been setting standards for 15 years – find out why.

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Image shows curated analytics on Opentracker's event based analytics platform.

Enrich Profiles with Event-Based Data

Opentracker helps build profiles to increase conversions, segment current customers, and understand how your software is performing. Utilizes Opentracker’s cross domain tracking technology to build profiles across all online assets in real-time.

Image shows how Opentracker's advanced enriched profiles render on a laptop and iphone.

Integrate Event-Based Analytics

Integration: our API provides stats that focus on your business’ value proposition.

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Real Time Visitor Tracking

Real-Time allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your site or app. Reports are updated continuously and each hit, click, swipe, login or download is reported seconds after it occurs. Follow goal conversions and sales cycle activity as they happen. We pioneered real-time visitor clickstream reporting more than 15 years ago and still lead the pack.

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Real-time Reporting allows you to monitor your visitor's activity

IP tracking in Real-time

Real-Time allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your site or app. From high volume – shifting traffic across media sites to web-shops and commerce: we range from Trend reporting to granular individual visitor tracking. Down to individual IP address collection -for company and location identity.

Search all visitor data, us customer intelligence to find out things about your customer's

Customer intelligence

Customer intelligence is about finding out things like your customer’s competitive experiences and personal preferences — we design to personalize your customer’s experience.

Hand holding iPad depicting easy to use interface.

Easy & intuitive user interface

Perfect balance takes time and skills, we focus on how an analytics application should ‘work’ for marketing agencies, and design for the goals you’re trying to achieve. Right-brain, left-brain – information is beautiful when done right.

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We love Opentracker. It is simple and easy to use compared to Google Analytics. We have been working with Opentracker for several years now and will continue to do so.


Digital Marketing, iBusMedia

With Opentracker, we are getting enriched customer profiles from online behavior; we filter out interesting accounts, which is just what we were looking for.


Lead Developer,

Where is the data – with multiple sources – its chaos. With Opentracker we have simplified the whole process of collecting and downloading the relevant data.

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Business Dev,

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