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Hello World, We Love Your Data

Opentracker specialises in tracking and website analytics for businesses that are serious about understanding online customers.

We build tools to help businesses make informed advertising and content management decisions and develop investment strategies.

By storing millions of user profiles and clickstreams, webmasters using Opentracker receive access to unparalleled historical visitor data in a concise, user-friendly format.

Our flagship service, Opentracker.net, was launched in January 2003 and is continuously upgraded based on feedback from hundreds of webmasters and marketing professionals who use Opentracker on a daily basis.

Here is a good place to read about the innovative Big Data technology usage we have pioneered in order to be able to offer these services.

About Opentracker

Opentracker has been in continuous development since 2001 and first went online with its tracking services in January 2003.

Opentracker provides quality website statistics measurement and visitor tracking services. Our specializations are:

  • long-term unique visitor tracking
  • big data and algorithm engineering
  • individual user-tagging
  • cross-domain tracking
  • live clickstream reporting
  • real-time data streaming
  • scalable read/write Data-as-a-Service
  • audience segmentation
  • high volume traffic measurement

The company was founded by our current CEO, an internet entrepreneur with a background in Engineering Management, at the campus of the Technical University of Eindhoven. With the help of a colleague with a graphics design firm, they came up with an innovative way to display who is on a website in real-time. They were joined by a third member with a background in documentation and communications.

Opentracker’s mission is to provide high quality traffic analysis solutions that are intuitive to use, simple to install, and easy to understand. The goal is efficient feedback loops between web surfers and site managers; making the internet an interactive place where traffic patterns determine website content.

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Our philosophy


What can you expect when you start an Opentracker account?

Best-of-breed statistical tracking solutions with an emphasis on client support.

  1. Belief in constant development. We continuously integrate feedback and ideas into our solutions from more than 1000 professional marketers, site owners and web-based solution providers.
  2. We believe that customer feedback should determine direction, and aim to provide an example of this philosophy. Practically speaking, this means that statistics must be considered as more than just numbers. The stats must become information upon which decisions are based: the data must provide a clear path of action.
  3. Website content should be determined by traffic patterns. We propose to facilitate this process by engineering feedback loops between webmasters and internet surfers. The metaphor is a place in which roads open and close, are expanded and shut, according to how many people drive over them.

Demand Clarity.

As a company, Opentracker aims to provide quality services for people interested in both collecting statistics, and learning what to do with that information.
Our goal is to continuously strengthen our leadership role within the field of presenting website traffic data in easy-to-understand graphics. Our technical goal is to make technology perform as an enabler.

As a result, Opentracker.net develops decision-making tools based on app and site usage and event/ click-stream analysis.
The information is always presented in direct and accessible language.

About Developing

We love upgrades

From our philosophy: Belief in constant development. Continuous integration of feedback and ideas from our users and innovations in our field.

Recent developments include:

  • total engagement: app tracking added
  • rebuild of front-end as a showcase for current technologies
  • deployment to new cloud server park: greatly enhanced processing speeds, stability, and redundancy
  • design and deployment of new architecture built in distributed data architecture
  • release of developer api – direct access to OT databases for optimal publication
  • back-end rebuilt on new api technology: improved report generation and graphing readability

Data-Driven Expertise.

Internet business is currently moving into an increasingly data-driven phase, and we focus on providing technology which will allow Opentracker users to accomplish a broad set of goals with the data we collect. Within our development structure we have defined 3 sections:

  1. Collecting Data
  2. Providing Data
  3. Presenting Data

Collecting data Our API-model data collection technology can be used for almost anything you can think of (Web pages, ajax events, mobile events, etc.) In addition to collecting events, we are pioneering methods of assigning ID’s (email, subscriber, etc) to events and visits. This technology runs in the cloud on a distributed data architecture, and is therefore advantaged with numerous associated benefits; infinite scalability, redundancy, and eventual consistency.

Providing data Our Web API allows users to gather data straight from our database via JSON or other formats. This simplifies the process of presenting data to clients and/or setting up automated reporting tools for generating reports based on time interval, custom event, etc. Take a look at the API + documentation here: http://api.opentracker.net

Presenting Data Here at Opentracker, we like to think (and so do our customers) that we are very good at presenting the data clients really need, as well as a focus on keeping reports simple. With that in mind we are building a complete new reporting interface (based on our own API) to surpass current standards and technologies. Expect javascript/jQuery driven tables, good-looking graphs, lots of exporting models, etc. The major benefit with this new technology that we are using is that we can dramatically decrease the time it takes to create a new report or adjust an existing one.

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