EU Postal Codes added

As of June, 2013, we’ve added Postal Code (ZIP code) database information for six EU European Countries;

  • Germany
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • The Netherlands

More countries can be implemented, please contact us if you require this enhancement.

These new databases have been placed in production and result in increased address location functionality.
Improved EU postal database identification means that now, alongside United States and Canada, postal and ZIP code information is displayed for every visit/ visitor from any of the named countries.

This is helpful with identifying visitor location and using the data to create geographically-oriented marketing efforts.

Q: What is this information for?
A: This data can be used for grouping of visitors within/ by postal code, for administrative, lead generation, sales mapping, marketing, geo-targeting, sales team responsibility for delineation of location, etc.

Case Study: For example, a company doing business in Europe may assign sales teams the task of responsibility per region. In the case where ZIP/ Postal codes are used to divide regions between efforts, teams are now able to identify and capture leads based on geography, which reflects how the teams actually work.

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