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Third-Party Cookies Vs First-Party Cookies

Reports and research on the subject of website tracking tell us that the rejection of third-party cookies is growing. Increasing numbers of people are either manually blocking third-party cookies, or deleting them regularly. Learn the ins and outs of cookies.

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Customer Profile Template For Smart Businesses

Smart Businesses & Marketers use customer profile templates. They know customer profiling helps them target their ideal customers accurately. A customer profile template is a document that helps you detail critical information about your target customers.

Frankly, you can’t keep all the helpful info about target customers in your head.

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Here’s How Companies Use Data Science To Launch Product Campaigns

If you have been wondering about how data science can be used to manipulate audiences into buying merchandise, then you’re not alone. Thousands of people ask this question every day and yet, there’s nothing that we really do about it. In fact, in order to make it big and run a successful business you can implement these tricks!

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What are UTM Parameters and How To Implement Them Easily

Get a How-To guide on implementing UTM parameters for marketing. This compact article with video will help you create UTM tags and attributes in no time. By using UTM tags and parameters, successful marketers are able to specifically measure how they’re hitting goals.

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The Surprising Way Data Science Helps in Cancer Research

Millions of people lose their lives or loved ones to cancer each year, and while scientists are doing their best to cure it, there has been only limited progress in finding the cure. A lot of reasons why cancer is not detected in its early stages- where most types of cancers are curable- is because of the lack of technology and information available (until now).

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Data Science in the Travel Industry

Our world is all about data; we consume data, share data and analyze data. It does not matter which part of the data industry you fall under, things are changing. Learn how the travel industry is using your data to influence your next vacation destination.

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How Data Science Is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Data science and music is a combination which might baffle a lot of people. After all, how can music be influenced by data? Don’t artists write their own music or sing songs depending on what they think is good? Like always… the answer is a little more complicated.

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How Big Data is Transforming the Aerospace Industry

In the twenty first century, there is a consensus that data is getting more important, maybe too important. Websites need data to optimize and tailor your experience, businesses need data to understand what their consumers want, even your smart devices at home use data so that they can cater to your needs. In a world where data is so important, it’s actually given rise to a new phenomenon in the aerospace industry.

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How to Use SEO to Improve Your Website Ranking in 2019

How to Use SEO to Improve Your Website’s Ranking Summary This article contains background and practical advice for improving your website ranking. If you read this article you will learn about what you can accomplish with a better ranking. We also cover: Focusing on a Niche Title tag and Meta Descriptions Keyword maintenance Introduction First things first. In order to improve website ranking, you need to make sure that there is more traffic. Traffic means that more people are accessing your website which is great for sales and revenue. But how do you do this? Everyone knows that improving a

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