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Marketing Campaigns: Creating Highly Effective Promotions

In this post we unpack Marketing Campaigns. Definition, current strategies, and historical background. We outline recent developments in internet advertising which set the playing field. Use the list of ten steps to plan a perfect marketing campaign. We discuss the challenges marketeers currently face; what makes it difficult to launch a successful marketing campaign in today’s environment. What are the current options specific to LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook? To give value, we outline how to improve your chances of launching a successful marketing campaign and seeing a return on your investment.

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User Engagement Metrics

User Engagement Metrics – What They Are – Why You Need Them How to increase your ROI by tracking the right metrics. Do you ever wonder if your product or service would sell? Do you ever wonder whether your audience will find your products valuable? Every Smart Marketeer is concerned about this. When you start or run a business, ask questions like these to yourself: what kind of service am I providing? what kind of product am I selling? to whom am I providing or selling this to? is the price within their budget? and, how will I make them

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How To Improve your Google Rankings

Improve Google ranking and PageRank Start your free, no-risk, 4 week trial! Track your visitors now Summarized overview In this article, you will find information about: Google PageRank Search engines & keyword significance Google bots and fresh bots Optimizing your pages Content updates: ‘a page a day will send Google your way’ Google is your friend At the moment, Google is by far the most popular internet search engine in the world. At the time of writing, Yahoo is the second largest, it takes over a majority of remaining smaller engines (,,,, etc.) through its acquisition of

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Capture Perfect Customer Profiles With Easy Tool

Smart Businesses & Marketers use customer profile templates. They know customer profiling helps them target their ideal customers accurately. A customer profile template is a document that helps you detail critical information about your target customers.

Frankly, you can’t keep all the helpful info about target customers in your head.

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Third-Party Cookies Vs First-Party Cookies

Reports and research on the subject of website tracking tell us that the rejection of third-party cookies is growing. Increasing numbers of people are either manually blocking third-party cookies, or deleting them regularly. Learn the ins and outs of cookies.

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How to write a Privacy Policy for your website

How to write a Privacy Policy For Website Summarised overview In this article you will find steps and information on: Defining a privacy policy Why you should have one Guidelines for creating a policy A sample privacy policy specific to setting cookies, and a Link to an automated policy generator Step 1: Explain what the privacy policy is addressing A privacy policy is a document telling visitors to your site what information you collect and what you do with that information. Very simply: it is a short explanation of what you are doing to observe visitors to your website. Step

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5 Key Email Marketing Statistics of 2020

5 Key Email Marketing Statistics for 2020 If you want to improve your business, you need to look at email marketing statistics. Doing so allows you to see how customers feel, what they want, and you can learn how to adjust your business to their needs. From mobile usage to advanced email deliverability metrics, email marketing covers a wide range of information. Keep these five statistics in mind for the coming year. 1. Mobile Usage People use their phones to access the internet and to check their emails. However, how many people check their emails through phones compared to their

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Choosing Search Terms

Choosing Search Terms Click to Rate Your Keyword! In this article you will find information about: Search Terms and Best Strategies for Choosing Terms and Keywords The importance of choosing Opentracker Search Term tracking the right search terms & keywords How to choose search terms The role of words & language in your website Search terms and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Improving your traffic by choosing the right terms Paying for keywords & search terms Tracking individuals by search term with Opentracker Search term pay-per-click (PPC) & ad campaign management Search term keywords e.g. Search terms, also referred to

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Content Promotion Plan for 2020

Marketers can only make improvements if they take the time to assess the effectiveness of their previous campaigns. This is where email marketing metrics enter into the picture.

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