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Businesses, in the pre-internet era, had to contend with the questions like,‘‘What does my customer want? How do I grab their attention? Do we have the data to support this claim?’’

Businesses today are struggling with a different kind of challenge – too much data!

Is there really such a thing as too much Data?

A report by Mckinsey & Company states that over ‘42% of Americans use the Internet several times a day, with 21% being online constantly’’. All of this is bound to generate a lot of data.

How much data, you ask? 2000 exabytes of data, to be precise (one exabyte is one quintillion bytes).

And a casual google search informs me that 5 exabytes would be equal to all of the words ever spoken by mankind. To say, that we are generating a galaxy of data would be an understatement.

Futurist Guru, Alvin Toffler, in his best seller, Future Shock’’ prophesied this phenomenon of information overload.

With too much information, businesses are struggling to make sense of the data that they have.

how do you manage large volume of information around your assets

According to a BBC report on a survey conducted by SAS and Harvard Business Review, 74% of global executives feel under pressure to achieve results in less time than ever before’’.

Data Analytics to the rescue!

With more data, than ever before, set to flow through the servers of businesses, the adoption of data analytics to cut through all the noise and to generate actionable reports is the rallying cry of many business executives.

So, what exactly qualifies as a good data analytics toolkit? Let’s have a look at the war chest of Opentracker.net (a Data analytics and web tracking company) to get a better idea of how to
navigate the data maze.

=> OpenTracker’s real-time monitoring tool privileges its users to study traffic and data, minute-to-minute, from all sources and devices, to make vital decisions in real time!

=> In a single click, categorise data by every conceivable metric and tabulate in an easy-to-understand chart.Easy to set-up and easy to use with an elegant user interface for tackling strategic online marketing problems fast.


=>Need to share reports and insights with your colleagues or employees? No problemo! Create individual accounts with the option of customising access for every single employee. 

=>OpenTracker’s advanced API allows you to write data and create reports just the way you like them.You can chain, link, mashup or combine API data to create reports which are customized or more advanced than those available, at a fraction of the price, in the market.

=>Identify visitors by their geographical location, IP address, specs. of the device, nature of the visitor (company/govt. body/individual), complete visitor history and a comprehensive profile of every visitor.

unique selling points for marketing teams

It’s never too early or too late to sign-up for Data Analytics.

According to the SAS surview, over 75% of the respondents used data analytics to make decisions everyday; 40% felt that their performance had improved significantly with the adoption of data analytics.

With a client base of over 5000+ and a track record of 18 years, OpenTracker’s data analytics toolkit is time-tested and designed to give you the best bang for the buck!

Jady korzan, Business Dev, Homevisit.com had this to say:

Where is the data – with multiple sources – its chaos. With Opentracker we have simplified the whole process of collecting and downloading the relevant data’’.

With a budget for every kind of user (starting at just €19.95) and a free trial pack, it can’t get any better than this!

Navigating to success, with data-driven decisions begins here.

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