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Case Study for Opentracker Custom Reporting
Using the Opentracker Big Data service to get a better understanding of your clients.

A special thank you to Patrick Crowley, Digital Content Marketing Manager for ePubDirect, for talking with us.

Executive summary: a use case in which a business uses Opentracker to get a better understanding of their clients.


  • The bottom line: OT gives more insight (as compared with google analytics) because of the provided ability to see individual user records.
  • Added value: in this example, ePubDirect has created custom fields for their clients. In other words their client login IDs appear in their Opentracker reporting system.

Measuring customer behavior

ePubDirect were looking to access a better understanding of how their customers made use of their system “behind the wall” of their SaaS-based platform, in order to roadmap changes and innovations.

They selected Openracker because  “We couldn’t use Google Analytics for this as we needed data linked to specific customer accounts, rather than generic ‘visits’ and ‘behaviour’ data. We need to understand, in great detail, which customers used us most and least, what their typical journey was, most/least popular pages etc. Using Opentracker we now track much much more than just visits to our platform.”

Nuts & bolts: How does this actually work?

Using our read/write data solution, ePubDirect are writing data to their Opentracker database. ePubDirect effectively sends Opentracker signals with each click in their back-end, telling us which (registered) user made the click(s). This means that we are able to generate reports for ePubDirect which report on specific actions (logins, sessions, etc) and system users over time; most activity, least activity, etc.

Using the ability to insert custom events, column headings have been created which are automatically added to the reporting system; client login_ID etc, which now populate and enrich the reporting system.

How ePubDirect benefit from the Opentracker system;

“Opentracker helped us move away from tracking the anatomy of a visit, and now allows us track the behaviour of individual customer logins.

Essentially, the move to Opentracker was about acknowledging that as the SaaS offerings on the marketplace have become more complex and our customer base has become more sophisticated, a visit-based analytics tool isn’t going to cut it. Opentracker comes with a whole heap of features that allows us to really understand our customers and thus, drive business insights. And they are great guys to deal with to top it off!”

This case study is based on services provided by Opentracker to ePubDirect.

About ePubDirect: 
ePubDirect is an award-winning eBook Distribution service providing global digital solutions direct to publishers. Our powerful business intelligence tools and outstanding customer service deliver real results for our publisher clients. Supplying over 1,000 on-line retailers and over 45,000 libraries, our primary objective is to simplify the process of getting publisher titles to market.
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