Track user logins

Do your customers login to your website?

Did you know that you can send us a signal whenever a person logs in to your website; their email address, user name, account details, loginID, etc?

We will place this data into the visitor profile & clickstreams. You can then search on any of these fields, and see them directly in your traffic reports. In other words, if you have email addresses, or any strategic data, we can insert them into your traffic reports.

This means that you can see who logs in most to your site, and least. You can understand the needs of your clients and meet them.

We can then tell you; “This guy from Hewlett-Packard just visited your website. It’s his 4th visit in the past 7 days and because he already has an account with you, the visit details tell us his emial is

If this is interesting to you, please write to us and we will send you documentation and support you in the implementation process.

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