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Understanding Change

Now available: real-time high volume traffic reporting, think hundreds of thousands, millions, of visitors and page views. We have made our Most Popular Pages report on-demand.

We start this article with a quote from the Xoriant blog which discusses architectural considerations for high traffic web portals:

“To withstand the heavy traffic, the system should primarily be scalable, be highly available and should be able to intelligently delegate/distribute the traffic to improve the overall performance.”

We believe this advice also applies to high volume website traffic measurement, and so we scratched our heads, went to the whiteboard quite a few times, and built the technology to do so. We also believe that using our solution, it will be possible to have real-time access to the data needed to fultill the above performance monitoring.

This development project was accomplished with two technologies: Hadoop and Cassandra – the result is a fast, scalable, cutting-edge engine which is built on a platform characterised as “infinitely scalable”. We have tested this claim successfully with millions of pageviews per day on a single site.

This cloud-processing model used by companies such as Twitter, Google, Amazon, and Facebook (it’s Facebook technology – Facebook started Cassandra). This technology is now available to all users of Opentracker.

Case Study

An online newspaper with millions of daily visitors spoke with us because they need to know what stories are getting the most play on their website. They need this information now, in real-time, from minute to minute. This information will let them manage content and maximize advertising potential. The website content editors need to know what their readers are interested in.

Tools are needed to manage the traffic flow technically, and to manage the content people are looking for. For example, to produce or purchase more content if interest is growing. Websites also need to take advantage of traffic streams to generate revenue, to display appropriate advertising, and to take advantage of opportunities, by informing potential advertisers about opportunities.

The same scenario applies to social media sites, traffic portals, sports sites, television, media, and video entertainment content providers (think Youtube, NFL, or HBO), gambling and adult content sites. This information is critical for managing content and advertising streams. Robust, scalable, traffic measurement is critical. Traffic movement can be volatile on the internet, the world’s attention span is dynamic, take a look at Twitter over a 24-hour period to get an idea. Millions of visitors can come and go within the space of an hour, or less; international news, world sports championship events, large-scale media events, gossip, celebrities, movies, Hollywood, etc.

Conclusion: this reporting technology will deliver the capability to see where traffic attention shifts, as it happens. This reporting will give webmasters the ability to monitor network traffic loads where scale is an issue.

Q: Who is this technology meant for?
A: Anybody who needs to know what is happening on a website while it happens. People who manage site with fluctuation, traffic spikes, who need to make decisions based on visitor behavior.

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