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Can I populate my CRM with visitor data? 
I see that Opentracker has an API which we can access. Our specialty is CRM processes and solutions. Is it possible for us to add a link or function into Opentracker itself? For example, with a click of a button a user can select a visitor? and use their visitor profile and clickstream info to populate back into the CRM solution directly from Opentracker. Alternatively, do we need to give visitors a separate URL and web app for that to happen? I’m trying to understand to what extent we can white-label and extend the solution from our side to add value.

And the answer is:
Yes, exactly, the API is built as middleware to allow large organizations to do exactly as you describe.
This is the (technical) documentation which describes how the API works;

See clickstreams per Company 
Using the Opentracker interface, you can see user clickstreams from any Company: click on the number in the Visitor/user column (in the Company report). This will show you the visitors/users from that company. Click on any user icon to see full click/event-stream history for that user.

Here is the API equivalent to show the visitors from a specific company:

As a part of your sales and lead generation efforts, enter visitor details into your CRM (customer relationship management) system; date of first visit, referrer, search term used, pages viewed.

Using the API you can build queries to import/ export any information that you need, and send it to any destination.

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