“Google search” through all your traffic data

We have released an incredibly powerful feature only available in Opentracker:
easily search through all your visitor traffic data in realtime.

Q: What does that actually mean?
A: that means you can enter any search term that interests you and get results based on all your site content and your complete visitor history within seconds.

An example of universal search, demonstrating how to search through website visitors.

In the screenshot above, we have used “pay*” to locate recent conversions for the PDFmyURL website-to-PDF service.

In practice, this means that you can enter any search term you can think of and get results.
Examples: any word, page title, url, term, conversion, user, company, ip address, or strategic point of interest.

We’re nuts about data!

You may ask yourself why you have never used or seen this feature supported by any other web analytics companies before? The answer is that it was a very complicated nut to crack.

Opentracker: don’t get left behind.

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