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Data Analytics can help grow your business:A low-down on growing your business in the cyber age.

C-suite executives of Fortune 500 companies have the luxury to tackle one business problem at a time. They usually have billion dollar budgets, an army of managers and other levers at their disposal. Lucky for them, because they are not in the trenches of the battle that so many small and medium sized businesses constantly find themselves in.

This article can help you

1.     Appreciate the importance of Big data and why it matters

2.     Why you should use Data Analytics and how it can solve your business problems.


Article length: 500 words

Reading time: 3- 7 minutes


For most businesses, there are a million problems – human resource mismanagement, ineffective marketing, poor customer retention – and they all demand immediate attention.

Now, you may not be able to solve all of them. But, what if you could maybe manage them better?

*How about not having to guess anymore about what your customers want or think about your product?


*How about deciding on your staffing requirements or tracking employee productivity to gauge the impact of such factors on a project?


*How about better overall outcomes for your business because you choose to use hard quantifiable data to make business decisions?

You would like that, wouldn’t you? No more searching in the dark for answers.No more making decisions based on gut feeling. The answer to all these problems is simple. The answer is Data Analytics.

How does Big Data Work?

We leave a pile of Data every time we are logged onto the Internet—which is pretty much 24/7/365 now. Every click, every transaction, the hover of a mouse, and even the time spent surfing each page is tracked, recorded and stored. Mountains of such data captured every single day can be deployed to make sense of habits and patterns of consumers, employees and the wider market allowing you unprecedented insight into the minds of your target audience.

So, whether it is about introducing a new product in the market or retaining existing customers, Big data can help you make decisions that are backed by hard quantifiable proof. The Data is there to back you up!

Now, a good data analytics toolkit should be armed with a few must-haves and so here’s a quick glance at the most popular tools used at Opentracker.

What benefits does Opentracker offer?

=>OpenTracker’s real-time monitoring tool privileges its users to study traffic and data, minute-to-minute, from all sources and devices, to make vital decisions in real time!

=>In a single click, categorise data by every conceivable metric and tabulate in an easy-to-understand chart.Easy to set-up and easy to use with an elegant user interface for tackling strategic online marketing problems fast.

                                 Categorise and compare data from all sources!


=>Need to share reports and insights with your colleagues or employees? No problemo! Create individual accounts with the option of customising access for every single employee.

=>OpenTracker’s advanced API allows you to write data and create reports just the way you like them.You can chain, link, mashup or combine API data to create reports which are customized or more advanced than those available, at a fraction of the price, in the market.

=>Identify visitors by their geographical location, IP address, specs. of the device, nature of the visitor (company/govt. body/individual), complete visitor history and a comprehensive profile of every visitor.

Wait, But there’s more! You didn’t think that was it, did you?


Open tracker’s has many more features that cater to the diverse requirements of businesses and you can get a sneak peek of them right here. Our products have worked and worked well for over 17 years for 5000+ customers and now is your chance to give your business a guaranteed shot at harvesting intelligent data to power your business.


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