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Build Your Email List and Enjoy Its Perks

What is email marketing?

In simple terms, using emails to promote products and/or services which will contribute to the development of relationships with potential customers and clients.

Email marketing is one of the most elegant and yet a simple solution for building up your business. It may seem archaic for some business owners because, with the popularity of social media, the traditional email format feels relatively old. Yet, email marketing exists as one of the most powerful and thoroughly understood “modern” forms of communication. Thus it is mandatory for any business, be it small or big, to build and maintain their email list.

Now email marketing is, of course, one of the best ways to increase the brand awareness and to acquire, convert and retain new customers, provided you have a good email list to send to.

How to build an email list?

Well, it is quite simple. Just follow the steps which are mentioned below. While following the steps, keep in mind email list should have quality, relevance and volume. So, let’s begin:


To initiate building your email list, start with the contacts you currently have on your file. For example, the emails obtained from your previous campaigns. Import all of the existing contacts of your customers that you have in your CRM system, and start building the list gradually.

With Opentracker services now you can get this done easily as it identifies and tag customer email and information. This data is invaluable for email campaigns and tracking leads as well.


The best way of building an email list of subscribers is to offer unique blog content which serves as a platform for bringing the people into your site along with providing an incentive which make visitors want to subscribe. Although you will have to work a bit on the content, the result will be worth it. Now once you are done with this process, do not forget to add multiple Call to action triggers for subscribing to your blog. It is a good idea to keep the amount of information necessary to sign up to the minimal, just a name and the email address should suffice.

And by using Opentracker, you can now track your visitors and check who they are and how they have used your site. You can also identify them by the company, university or governmental body they work for.


For the people who do not like to share their personal information, you can offer them something valuable in exchange for a signup. For instance, you can offer them a free eBook download, a free sample, or a discount in exchange for their email information. And do not forget to change your offers from time to time.


Last but not least, remember that social sharing is powerful. Add a “share” feature in the body of your email content, as this will increase the click-through rate. Though this is not about getting more email subscribers, it will help you to know the number of people interested in a subscription.

You can also experiment with new calls-to-action. For instance, you can add a pop up offering the possibility to sign up for an email or you can make use of other external sources to attract a new segment of your audience.

A Few Tips :

Now that we have discussed the steps on how to create an email list, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Always build your own email list rather than wasting your money and buying the list as it will result in labeling you as a spammer.
  • Make use of emails to build a rapport with customers by sharing your expertise, giving them tips and insights which they will value.
  • Treat your email list well and respect the users privacy.
  • Fix a schedule for sending out your newsletters as it will help your subscribers to know what and when to expect from you.

They say if you are not building an email list, you are making a huge mistake. Well, this is true. According to a survey done in 2014 which consisted of 1,000 web-based businesses, email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel. So having an email list is nothing but beneficial to your business’s progression and promotion.

perks of having an email list:

  • Having an email list creates a reliable and a consistent way to connect with your customers and also the ones who are interested in your business.
  • It helps you go paperless which is your go-to for correspondence, thus making this method efficient and convenient.
  • Your email list gives you an opportunity to offer your subscribers with your latest little treats that might benefit your subscribers thus building trust with your company.
  • It is the perfect blend of price and ease when it comes to the upliftment of your business.
  • With the uses of services from the programs like Opentracker, you can track & trace the visitor’s information and also identify them just by typing in the email in the interface.

Having an email list is not only beneficial to your customers, but is also beneficial to all the business holders. It is a way by which you can add values to their lives and stay at the forefront of their minds. Also, it is the best way for growing your business without breaking the budget. So, go ahead and build an email list which is cost-efficient and is also an environmental-friendly mode of promotion.

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