Analyze app user behavior

Geo-locate your app users

Real-time Data & Reporting

Measure in-app (multidimensional) events

User labeling or User tagging

Full featured Reporting API

Unnoticeable for end users

Open Source SDK's

Measure total user engagement

We support both Android

and iOS with native libraries.

Together with javascript support

you can track web apps or

web events within your app.

Full featured API

Read & Write data

Event-based analytics

Define your custom Events

Export your data in multiple formats to

mashup & combine api data to create customized reports

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Mobile App Analytics

A Brave New Solution for a Brave New World.

Millions of smartphone and tablet users are activated around the world on a daily basis, radically evolving digital behavior.

Using the Opentracker Open-source libraries for Android and iOS, it is very easy to log, measure, or capture any event or action that happens in your apps.

Change is the only constant. Build insight. Excel.

Together with an analytics reporting interface renowned for simplicity and ease of use, our latest solution its a must-have for any company interested in building insight.

Download the Mobile App Analytics info.


A 10 page PDF with all details and features regarding our Mobile App Analytics solution. 






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Four double-sided PDFs produced for the The Next Web Conference: 1) Analyze Behavior, 2) Total Engagement, 3) Read & Write API Magic, 4) Geo-location

Feature highlights

Zoom in on app usage & events
Analyze app user behavior

See who your app users are, and exactly how they use your app.

geo-locate app users icon
Geo-locate your app users

Know exactly where your users come from. Geo-location provides insight.

Real-time App Analytics Reporting icon
Real-time Reporting

Real-time minute-to-minute tracking, reporting and analysis.

Measure any app event or property
Anything and Everything

Measure in-app events. Add events and properties to your app analytics.

Mobile App User labeling or user tagging
User labeling or tagging

Identify users and tag them. Follow or look them up them through time.

Mobile App Analytics API icon
Full featured API

Request info, get data back, and process it.

Mobile App analytics GPS & Carrier detection icon
No impact on UX

Advanced connection optimization makes sure users will not notice.

Total user engagement icon
Total user engagement

Connect your users across multiple platforms, browsers, locations, etc.

Open Source SDK

The Opentracker Android and iOS SDK's are available on Github