A device in a network that handles message transfer between computers.

How do routers differ from ISPs?
An ISP (internet service provider) is a large organisation providing internet services to your site's visitors. A router is a device that an ISP uses to provide access to the internet. ISPs may own numerous routers. Every visitor is directed through a router, but not all routers provide their identity.

Reverse dns lookup: Reverse DNS turns an IP address into a hostname. The process involves identifying a host name that corresponds to an IP address using the Domain Name System. To do this, IP addresses are entered into a DNS database and thus resolved to domains, if possible.


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Technical data >> Domains

Use the Domains report to identify which domains are the most popular for accessing your site. Generally speaking, these are country TLDs (top-level-domains) although the list may also be headed off by...
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Technical data >> Routers

Use the Routers report to identify which routers are the most popular for accessing your site. 
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