Clickstream or clickpath analysis


Summarized overview

In this article you will find discussion and technical definitions of:

  • Clickstream analysis
  • Interactive clickstream graphing

And information about:

  • What a clickstream will tell you
  • How to use clickstream analysis to improve your site
  • Why analyze clickstreams
  • Questions that clickstream analysis can answer
  • Opentracker clickstream tool
  • Tracking individual clickstreams

What is clickstream analysis?

Clickstreams, also known as clickpaths, are the route that visitors choose when clicking or navigating through a site.

A clickstream is a list of all the pages viewed by a visitor, presented in the order the pages were viewed, also defined as the ‘succession of mouse clicks’ that each visitor makes.

Why do I need a website tracker?

Why do I need a website tracker?


A good tracker will show you, to the click, exactly what happens on your site.

A tracking system can provide you with unique visitor numbers and much more detailed forms of information, such as individual clickstreams and search terms.

A tracking system goes a step beyond hit counters. A tracking system will also eliminate the large amounts of man-hours necessary to generate and interpret log files.

Tracking systems are a new breed of technology, designed to make website statistics easily accessible. The goal is to effortlessly generate traffic reports.


Example 1

Did a specific company visit your site?: drill down to the individual. You sent an email to a company and want to see if anybody from that company looked at your website. You can see a list of all visitors from that company, and view their clickstreams through your site. With our Location reports, you can check to see all the companies, universities, and organizations from where you were visited. You can also see all the ISPs, cities, ZIP codes, area codes, and DMA zones of origin.

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