Daily trends


Traffic analysis >> daily trends. 

Trend analysis can be set to daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. Available website variables to chart include: unique, first time, and returning visitors, visits, referred and search engine visits, pageviews and avg visit time. For apps, chartable events include pinch, swipe, tap, forward, download, share and custom-definable events. 

This functionality is located in the Options bar (indicated with a wrench icon), along with the ability to make PDF, print or download .csv.
Date range is managed using the calendar.


Chart variables over time in both graph and table form.

Functions & Features

Daily trends graph

Traffic through time with selected variable to chart. Variables available for charting: unique visitors, first time visitors, returning visitors, visits, referred visits, search engine visits, pageviews, visit time (avg).

Red trend line

The red line indicated trending averages through time selected.

Daily trends table

The table includes columns which display:
unique visitors
returning visitors
visits (total number of visits generated by all visitors)
referred: visits which came through a 3rd-party referrer
searching: visits coming through search engines with search terms
pageviews: number of events/clicks/pageviews per day
visit time (avg): indication of traffic quality, in terms of use- and visit time

Column highlights

The column selected in the Chart: drop-down is highlighted in white for easier reading.

Options bar

Click on the wrench icon to open the Options bar. The Options bar includes: site selection, display options, search-by-ip, expand/collapse, make PDF, download, print, and refresh.

Site selection drop-down

Select the site or app that you want to view.

Display: title & url

Shows page titles (as named by webmaster or CMS) and/ or server addresses (urls) pointing to pages.


opentracker daily trends report
opentracker daily trends