DMAs Designated Market Areas


A list of Designated Market Areas (DMA) which your visitors come from. The DMA code contains metro regions in the US based on TV demographics. 

Use this report to determine where visitors to your site come from & apply this information to ensure your content is optimised for your visitors. Locate effective targets for advertisement and marketing campaigns.

The DMA - designated market area report displays all visits to your site filtered by DMA. 
Visually, the report is made up of both a graph and a table (list) of all DMAs from which visits were identified, in order of popularity. 
DMAs have (only) been defined for North America/ US. 

DMA: Designated Market Area. There are 210 official DMAs in the U.S. Each DMA is rated 1-210 in size, based on total number of TV households and the percentage of the entire U.S. market place. So, for example, Baltimore represents 1,083,030 TV households and 1%, of the entire U.S. market.