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Quality. Results. Where does traffic come from?

It is not magic. You need to understand where your traffic comes from. Period.
You also need to understand the quality of traffic sources and seek new sources.

  • Interactivity: click on referrers and open referring pages in your browser
  • Open and inspect search engine results leading to your site
  • Sort with or without search engines
  • Conclusion: know exactly where your traffic comes from

Go further: access the "page before"
- actual search engine results that led to your site.

The Top Referrers report shows where all traffic is referred from. Referrer info tells you your best (and worst) traffic sources. Use the info to determine how successful your various campaigns are. Monitor individual referrals; are referrals from one particular source more valuable to your business? Like music charts, the report shows how popularity of any referrer changes through time. Did visitors type/bookmark your site, or find you through a 3rd party?

Examine the referrers and search terms that lead people to your site. Use "page before" to see search engine results that led to you. Track the countries & companies/ ISPs people come from. Learn where people go when they leave your site.

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