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Geo-locate your app users

Know exactly where your app users come from.

Access highly detailed demographics at individual visitor level:

  • drill-down Geo-IP location data per visitor
  • study traffic from any location, at local or national level
  • examples include company and ZIp/ Postal code

Standard visitor profile data includes Country, Continent, Region, State, City, DMA, ZIP code, Telephone area code, Company, ISP & Organization

Very useful: 

DMA is Direct Market Areas; the areas used by various industries to plan and coordinate marketing campaigns. The interface that we have built allows you to drill-down from continent, and sub-continent, right down through state, city, etc, and generate pie charts for all data.

ZIP/postal codes:
For United States, Canada, and a growing number of countries in Europe we provide ZIP-and Postal codes for the cities in which users are located.

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