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Total user engagement

Accuracy Counts.  Track your users across all media.

Identify unique user activity from web to app and back again.

Engagement patterns are changing and so is the way that we measure and report them. In today’s world, the same user can easily switch from web to app, from phone to pc to tablet, and back again, in the same day. So how many users do you really have, and how can you get a complete picture? Easy: connect all these sessions together.

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Our user-centric system allows you to connect your users across multiple platforms, browsers, locations, etc.
We provide access to a single reporting interface which gives a picture of universal activity.


Native Apps

How are your apps being used? What devices? Tablets, iOS, Android; native apps, web-based apps?

We’ve standardized visitors and users across reports and are unique in our ability to display all device traffic in a single report.

We support both ‘Native App Tracking’ and ‘Web App Tracking’ together they make up ‘Mobile App Analytics’.


By using or combining our javascript API and native app libraries, you can also measure web-app users. We support all kinds of web-apps, including hybrid web-apps made with tools like Phonegap, Appcelerator, Corana, etc.

Social app users

Using our API you can also track social users from Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. By combining all our technologies you can build a one massive database of unique users.


We began ten years ago by measuring page views and the mouse-clicks website visitors made between pages. With these 10+ years of experience in web analytics, we know what we're talking about.

Using javascript, cookies and/or fingerprinting we track millions of users across the web every day.

Our technology has expanded to keep pace with engagement patterns across the internet. Alongside clicks and pageviews, we now also capture events, which are grouped into event streams.

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