Measure any app event or property

Anything and Everything

Inserting data (events) can be accomplished by adding a few lines of code to your app, and allow our SDK to send this data to our servers with a secure https request. The logging servers have been designed to be fast, redundant, fault-tolerant and scalable for high volume events.

See our mobile app analytics docs to find out how easy it is to implement.

Single events

Define and send us any event you would like to measure with a simple call that we provide. Our sdk is packed with features to make logging your events as easy as possible.

Multiple events

We also provide simple functions to send us multiple event key/pair data entries.

Building complex apps requires detailed and fine-grained control of metrics you want to measure, our app SDK provides everything necessary to accomodate these needs.



Event types

Predefined event types determine how an event is processed and shown in the reporting interface. For example, the eventType called "email" adds the value of that event to the user profile and will be ranked in the reports Top Emails.

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