Mobile App analytics GPS & Carrier detection icon

No impact on UX

Stealth technology - unnoticeable for end users

  • Worried that the end user will notice loading time of SDKs?
  • Not an issue because the data is stored locally, there is no carrier bandwidth-usage.
  • This pertains to devices on 3G, 2G or Edge networks.
  • User-data is compressed and transfered once a wifi connection is established.
  • Secure: User data is securely transfered, and audited upon request to meet legal requirements.
  • Automatic detection of connectivity for speed optimization.
 For example, when an device is on a WIFI network, events are sent to our servers in realtime.

Because accuracy counts, when an app user moves from Wi-Fi to G3 to EDGE and back to Wi-Fi, this is detected by the Opentracker library and shown in the reports along with the carrier/ company name.

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