How does Opentracker distinguish between new and returning visitors?

1. A returning visitor is a person who visits your site and comes back after a period of 24 hours has elapsed.

2. Additionally, we measure visits, a visit is a visitor’s clickstream broken by a ten minute period, (minimum of ten minutes). So you have a cup of coffee, and return to the site, this will be a second visit. Say you go to bed, and you return to the site the next day; you will be a returning visitor.

We measure visitors by placing a cookie on their browser, this cookie is unique to the browser, assuming the user continues to utilise the same browser without deleting his/ her cookies. We have found that cookies are often more reliable over the long time, as many servers re-assign IP addresses on a regular basis.
In other words, unless the user deletes his/her cookies continuously, she/ he will be measured as the same visitor with each session.
Strictly speaking, “one” means “one person” based on the definitions given above. So that if someone continuously visits your site over large periods of time, they will be recorded only as one person.