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Benefits of using opentracker

What can you do for me?
10 ways to generate more revenue with a website statistics system.

Benefits of Opentracker:

  1. Save time, save money: reports generated automatically - no log file headaches
  2. Increase revenue: identify Best Practices, and focus your efforts 
  3. Reduce technical costs and hassles – we host your stats on our servers 
  4. Stop wasting resources: identify dead-end strategies and drop them 
  5. Share information with managers, colleagues, and clients 
  6. Target audience: know exactly who your traffic and markets are
  7. Eliminate guesswork: access exact information 
  8. Manage site content on a daily basis & measure the effect of change
  9. Success: follow up on strategies that work – repeat them 
  10. Addictive insight: enjoy your statistics, watch live clickstreams via web-based interface

 Check out our demo to learn more about what a good tracking system can do for you.

Read this in-depth article on Making Stats Work for You.

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