Star Wars and the Art of Business - Lessons from The Force Awakens

Star Wars and the Art of Life; Lessons from The Force Awakens. Devise good strategies. Measure. Improve and repeat what works.  

I went to see Star Wars 7 last week. Afterwards, I had the same “Yeah, that was a pretty good movie,” reaction as I had read on the front page of the

In my post-game analysis, I realised the what, why, & how J.J. Abrams accomplished this. 

In one sentence; they did this by drawing on successful elements of the original films, which they improved and repeated, while throwing out the rest.  In the same way, all of us who work on the internet can draw on basic knowledge and things-that-work from previous success. Identify a winning formula, refine on its success, discard strategies that don’t work. Repeat.

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Company Identification - Dramatic Improvement - 44%

We are EXTREMELY pleased to announce a Forty-Four 44% percent improvement in our company identification capability.

Last week, we were able to identify just over 900 companies visiting This week, we were able to identify over 1300 companies, over the same period of time.

For years, we've been working to develop and improve our report Location >> Company which shows you which companies are visiting your website. This is an incredibly valuable tool, in terms of lead generation. This report allows you to turn anonymous visitors into potential clients.






Startup Accelerator Diary #1

The Rockstart Accelerator

In Amsterdam is one of several world-class technology accelerators in The Netherlands. We entered ourselves into the competition earlier a few months ago, and came in the top percentile out of more than 500 companies, securing a place in the 100-day program.

LeadBoxer is the product that we are developing within the Rockstart program, which utilises the Lean framework methodology. is a new product, utilizing big data technology in order to make anonymous website traffic less anonymous, and function as an essential pre-sales tool. Currently being designed, tested & validated for the B2B market, the product works... Read full blog post

Postal code reporting improved

We've upgraded postal code databases for several EU countries and added Canada.

The list of fully implemented postal code data now includes the following countries:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • The Netherlands
  • UK

In this example, you can see data from USA, UK, Canada, France, Netherlands, and Germany, specifically visitors from these cities; Seattle, London, Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris, Montreal, Munich, and Berlin.

Other databases can be engineered and implemented upon request.

Visitor profiles enhanced with LinkedIn company info


When information is detected, we are able to enhance visitor profiles in order to bring you a more complete picture of who is visiting your website.Specifically, we are able to provide key details about the companies from which you are receiving traffic.

Some interesting metrics that we can provide include:

  1. website url
  2. number of employees
  3. industry category of the company

In this example you can see that we are presenting information about a visitor from UPS - United Parcel Service.

You can access this information and have it enrich your visitor profile data by enabling the LinkedIn option in your account when you are logged in.

Trendspotting 2014

How will your business respond
to the increase in available digital data?

With increasing data available, the winners will be those who understand the possibilities. Businesses are seeing that, increasingly, there is revenue to be earned through the intelligent use of data.

Trendwatching. We live in a time of great technical change. Big things are happening, things which can have enormous impact on products, development, and revenue models.

The question to ask is: what are important trends in business sectors that will drastically, disruptively, affect bottom lines?

Trends are important, as are people who have the ability to observe and understand trends. What trends will affect your business or... Read full blog post

Mobile Version (Web App) Released

Mobile optimized edition of Opentracker now available.

We are pleased to announce that a mobile version of our reporting dashboard has been released and is now supported on mobile devices.


We have started by releasing the dashboard as the first report optimized for mobile devices. We are currently planning the next feature to enable.

What features should we add next? Please write and tell us what functionality you would like to have on your mobile.

In other words, what would be the best piece of information to access when you are on-the-go, at a conference, or any remote location. Need to... Read full blog post

Why is Opentracker so darn good?

New features, improvements
and state-of-the-art technology

Opentracker good

If we were still writing press releases, we'd be putting them out a few times a week.

Q: Why is Opentracker moving so fast and releasing new features every two weeks at the moment?
A: Highlights: we rebuilt our core technologies, implemented an API and changed our development methodology. We moved from MySQL to Cassandra, improved search features, and implemented... Read full blog post

Do you pass the test?

What does good custom reporting look like?

Take the Opentracker Custom Reporting Pop Quiz and find out - does your analytics system pass the test?

Analytics testQuestion:
What do good analytics and custom reporting look like in practice?

  • Can you get the data you need, when you need it?
  • Can you get the reports you need, when you need them?

Above all, are the reports compact and relevant, or do they give you so much data that you experience 'information overload'?

Answer these questions yourself, with the Opentracker Reporting Challenge:

Can you generate a report that shows you;

  1. which of your visitors, by login name,... Read full blog post

Location 'Unknown' significantly reduced - accuracy increased to 97%

Accuracy of visitor location dramatically increased to 97%

With the addition of a second location database we have effectively reduced the number of occurrences of Location Unknown. A failover component has been introduced.

Until today, when we identified a visitor or user, there was a 17% chance of an inaccurate, outdated, or unknown classification, meaning an accuracy of 83%.

The margin of error has effectively been reduced to 3%, with the addition of a second database to improve upon our geo-location identification technology.

This development pertains to location of website visitors based on IP address assignment.


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